3 Fun #ThrowbackThursday Ideas

3 Fun #ThrowbackThursday Ideas
Malik + Me: Posing for “Guest of a Guest” after we got 15,000 people to come out and drink some Jamba Juice one afternoon in Washington, D.C.— thanks to the power of social media marketing.


From vintage ads to ’80s playlists, here are some Twitter hits — sure to set your #ThrowbackThursday tweets on fire.

Life on social media is fierce. ?

There’s #MotivationMonday, #TransformationTuesday, #HumpDay and the highly competitive #ThrowbackThursday.

Ahh, the pressure to post something old and funny that won’t make you look like complete baffoon. The heat. Is on.

Instead of posting a baby pic of yourself, or a pic you took last month, we’ve got some fun throwback ideas that are sure to pack a Thursday punch.


(Just make sure to use one of those #TBT hashtags when you tweet!)


If you are promoting a brand or business on Twitter and want to post something that leans a bit more professional than, say, you and your friends dressed as KISS on Halloween, then I suggest digging into some facts or stats.

The History Channel is actually a great resource for this. I love their “This Day In History” section, which is telling me right now that today is the day Barbie launched. Yep. She is 55 today!

I know we loaded some tweets for this into the “Kittr for Twitter” system for that the other day. Feel free to grab one of ours, or, make your own!

Some tweets in Kittr today …


If you have some sort of Discman or 8-track tape laying around, you’re golden.

Personally, I love searching through my grandparents’ stuff for some #TBT gems. But, if that’s not an option, no worries. Grab a pic online and pair it with a personal blurb or tidbit! In addition to pics of old gadgets, I love searching for old technology ads — just for a laugh.

Bill Gates and a floppy disk? Pure platinum TBT material.

Seriously. This is why God invented Google.


Old music is always a winner.

I mean, who doesn’t love Cyndi Lauper?

If you’re running out of #ThrowbackThursday ideas, post one of your favorite songs from the ’80s or ’90s, or a pic of a favorite artist at his or her ’80s prime (right now, I’m thinking Madonna, “Like A Virgin”).

I love grabbing stuff like this from YouTube. Just find the video and post the link in your tweet. Another option is to reference an old song title or lyrics along with a GIF. Easy peasy. (Just Google the song name and the word lyrics.)

Or, if you have a little time, why not create your own ’80s playlist on Spotify and embed it into your tweet?

As a tiger-blood infused Charlie Sheen said back in 2011 … that’s what we call #winning.