Top 5 Twitter Tips for Beginners
Need a little kick in your #hashtag? Look no further!

Top 5 Twitter Tips for Beginners <br><i><font size='4.5' color='grey'>Need a little kick in your #hashtag? Look no further!</i></font>

Technology has managed to change each and every aspect of our lives and businesses in one way or the other—especially in the case of Twitter. Social media marketing is a fairly new term when it comes to the marketing world; however, it has taken the tech world with a boom!

Due to being a new terminology, not a lot of people are making the right use of it and that is why they eventually shy out of it. If you are one of those people, then I would emphasize on the fact that Social Media Marketing is an extremely effective way of marketing provided that you know how to make the right use of it.
Following are the top 5 tried and trusted tips that can change your game:

Use the RIGHT Hashtags

Let’s take a moment and understand what hashtags actually do. Imagine you own a clothing store, then hashtags will be the clothes that are on display in your store, which means that the people passing by the street would notice the hashtags and decide to whether or not to visit the store. Hashtags serve as a summary to your tweet and there is a higher probability of people reading the hashtags as compared to reading the whole tweet.
Going back to the clothing store example, you definitely want the best clothes to be on display, similar is the scenario with hashtags. Make sure you use relevant hashtags and you can even get help from sources such as Hashtagify or RiteTag.

Do not OVER use Links

Normally when someone is looking to market a product or a service they tend to add the links to the product or their portfolio etc. The problem with adding link is that people get to know that it is something related to marketing and most of these people skip past the tweet.
Addition of a link in a tweet after publishing 5 tweets without adding any links has proven to be a better approach compared to the former.

Twitter + Images = Success

This one should seem simple. Images for eyes are like the bees for flowers. Adding images relevant to the post or the link that you are sharing is best thing you can do to your tweet. Finding an appropriate image for each tweet may seem like a hideous task which can be tackled with the use of Twitshot. Twitshot is a tool you can use to find the right image by simple copying the link you want to share.

Following the Proper Format

These tips are all important, but this is an extremely essential point and I won’t be exaggerating one bit if I claim that format makes up for 80% of the tweet. There are four essential parts of a tweet that go in order, text, link (optional), @mentions (if applicable) and image, period.
Avoid using mentions in the beginning unless you are replying to a tweet. Also, people normally use the headings of an article as the text which can seem boring; using a quotation from the content would be a far better approach.

Keep time in mind.

Make sure you make use of Twitter Analytics to find the audience that views your tweet the most, geographically. Then combine this knowledge with Tweriod, a tool that lets you find the best time with reference to the location you entered. This way your tweets can make more hits.

Utilizing all these tips in your Twitter career, you’ll be sure to set fire to your hashtags.